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LIFE'S METAis a game about feeling alive, putting your emotions at the heart of the gameplay.


Embark on an emotional journey and explore feelings like never before with this interactive narrative video game. Combining the best elements of dating simulators, visual novels and social media platforms, you'll meet exciting characters, experience captivating stories and live life to its fullest.

At Life's Meta, you can experience amazing stories and interact with a variety of characters by sending them messages. Use the personality traits and basic emotional stats programmed in your android to access your human side and create dialogue phrases. Utilize exclusive items to unlock special dialogues as you enhance your Emotional Intelligence. The way you communicate with the characters will influence how the story progresses and determine how close you become with them. At the conclusion of each story, you will get a Feelcore based on your final emotional stats which can be used to raise your Emotional Intelligence levels so that new opportunities are available.


Connect with characters that represent a wide range of cultural backgrounds, identities, and appearences. As you get to know the characters, you get to peek into their lives. Watch what they post on social media, engage with it, and eventually have a face-to-face encounter in the metaverse to deepen your connection.



Our Advanced AI characters are powered by multiple machine-learning models that mimic the dynamic social nature of human interaction.


Say goodbye to repetitive NPC dialogue and hello to engaging, dynamic conversations. Our NPCs will be powered by AI, ensuring that every interaction with our characters is unique, convincing and tailored

to your specific gameplay experience.

All AI-powered characters
will respond uniquely


Craft your avatar as
you truly are: unique

Identity is formed over time and it’s personal, partly made of things we inherit and partly things we choose. Choose from a wide selection of options to create an avatar that genuinely reflects who you are. 

Represent yourself everywhere

Use the result as your in-game avatar and as a profile picture across the blockchain and social media.


Buy your Avatar



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