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Say goodbye to repetitive dialogue and hello to engaging, dynamic conversations. Our characters will remember your previous interactions, learn from your feedback, and adapt their responses accordingly. This creates a truly immersive and believable experience, as you feel like you are truly connecting with the characters in the game.


In Life's Meta Game, our AI companions respond uniquely to every player. Powered by multiple machine-learning models, our characters mimic the dynamic social nature of human interaction. This means that every interaction is unique, convincing, and tailored to your specific gameplay experience.


We have partnered with Convai, a company revolutionizing how we interact with virtual characters. Convai's cutting-edge virtual communication solutions allow us to create AI characters that are more natural and believable than ever before.


This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for Life's Meta. We can now create more complex, nuanced, and relatable characters. This will allow us to tell more immersive and engaging stories, and to create a truly unique gaming experience for our players.


Experience the future of video game characters in Life's Meta.


The Life's Meta companion app allows you to engage in unique conversations with our AI-powered characters in a variety of ways. You can send text messages, voice messages, make video calls, and share pictures. No matter how you choose to communicate, our companion app allows you to have unique and engaging conversations with our AI-powered characters.

Text messages are a great way to have a casual conversation with our characters. You can talk about anything you want, from your day-to-day life to your deepest thoughts and feelings.

Your AI companion can share their life with you through pictures. This could include selfies, outfit of the day or photos of their latest adventures. You can get a glimpse of their. everyday life

Voice messages are a more personal way to connect with our characters. You can use your voice to express yourself in a way that text messages can't.

Video calls are a great way to see and hear our characters in real time. You can use video calls to have a more interactive conversation, or just to hang out and chat.




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